Purest water on your outdoor tours
Experts agree: water filters do nothing against bacteria, viruses or germs in outdoor water sources! Instead, do this to protect yourself!
by Veronica Winterstein | March 1, 2022
Just think about it – your water bottle is damp and dark, which is the perfect environment for bacteria to grow. Of course, it's crawling with germs.

Like most people living in a "first world" country, we automatically assume that the water we drink when spending time outdoors is safe. We think that simply "filtering" the water is enough to make it clean.

You may be shocked to learn that nature's water supplies are not nearly as safe as you thought. To make matters worse, most water filters – even expensive ones – can actually make your water WORSE.

While it's healthy for kids to be exposed to some germs, in many cases, filters can make your water even dirtier than when it came out of the natural water source. See, while new filters can strip out certain contaminants, it only takes a couple of months before the filters get so dirty that they actually pollute your water more than they clean it.

And replacing filters every month could cost $500 a year. But it gets even worse...

"Extremely easy-to-use cleaning function that gives complete peace of mind when refilling the bottle while hiking. Weighs almost the same as my other bottle so it's easy to carry too. Perfect for outdoor activities!" – Chris Chan

Not only are filters a breeding ground for bacteria, they also don't remove some of the most dangerous contaminants

While modern filters are designed to strip out chemicals, plastics, and even radiation, they do nothing to kill bacteria or germs like salmonella, coliform, or even fecal matter.

But luckily we live in the 21st century and there are now much, much better ways to keep your water safer and cleaner than ever before. And it's called UVBrite.

UVBrite is a new self-cleaning water bottle that purifies your water at the press of a button.

That means you don't have to spend hundreds replacing filters, and you can take it ANYWHERE ... even outdoors! And it actually kills the germs that filters can't capture.

Despite its recent release, UVBrite has already sold 140,000 of its innovative bottles.

UVBrite is a new high-tech water bottle that has a built-in UV-C light, which you can activate to quickly purify your water on-the-go.

To use it, simply fill up your water bottle and press the button to activate the UV-C light purification system. UVBrite will purify your drinking water in as little as three minutes.

UVBrite uses the same proven UV-C light technology found in hospitals, dental offices, and even the International Space Station to kill 99.99% of germs.

The purification process ALSO cleans the bottle itself, so you don't have to worry about germs building up inside conventional bottles. Just pop it in the dishwasher every 3-6 months and it's as good as new. And it's also a one-time purchase.

How the UVBrite self-cleaning water bottle works

UVBrite uses the power of UV-C light to purify water in just 3-5 minutes and it's super easy to use:

1. Fill up your water bottle.

2. Press the button.

3. Wait 3 minutes for the UV-C light to take effect.

4. Enjoy pure water anywhere in the world!

Better yet, every time you activate the purification system, UVBrite automatically cleans the stainless steel bottle – not just the water inside it.

This prevents the buildup of germs that conventional water bottles can't handle, meaning you only have to toss the bottle in the dishwasher once every 3-6 months to keep it as good as new.

UVBrite can make almost any source of water in the world safe to drink

Not only does UVBrite keep your water (and itself) clean and pure at all times, it's also the perfect way to keep yourself protected from potentially dangerous water sources, whether it's your home tap or a microbe-infested river in the middle of nowhere.

There's a simple rule when using UVBrite: If you can see through the water, you can purify it.

That means UVBrite works on all tap water, wells, water fountains, rivers, streams, and any other source of transparent water – anywhere in the world.

Who needs UVBrite the most?

UVBrite is perfect for anyone who wants regular access to clean, safe, and purified drinking water. UVBrite is built for:

Hikers, bikers, and travelers: Spending the day outside? UVBrite ensures you have access to clean drinking water, even without a water fountain in sight.

Travelers: Whether you're jet-setting off to Mexico or enjoying a weekend getaway to the mountains, you always have peace of mind knowing you're drinking safe water.

Urban commuters: If you're constantly on-the-go, you'll need access to safe, pure drinking water throughout the day. UVBrite prevents the use of plastic, single-use water bottles while offering access to clean water. Combined with the minimal need for cleaning and its sleek look, it's no wonder so many people are replacing their old-school water bottles with UVBrite.

Athletes: Whether you're hitting the gym, running around the track, or playing a round of golf, the UVBrite will purify your water even when you're getting a sweat sesh in.

Parents: Whether you're dropping the kids off at soccer practice, running errands, or squeezing a workout in over your lunch break, UVBrite ensures you and your kids have continuous access to safe drinking water. And it makes those nasty drinking fountains a lot more pleasant to drink from.

The environmentally-conscious: UVBrite is helping to eliminate the more than 8 million tons of plastic bottles that end up in our oceans each year by giving people a reusable bottle they'll actually feel great about using.

Bottom line: UVBrite helps you enjoy clean drinking water – and a clean water bottle – no matter where you are 🙂

"Drinking water from this bottle gives me peace of mind knowing it's completely sanitized and yet doesn't change the taste or smell. I'm very happy with my purchase." – Hsajet

Not only are most water supplies infested with germs, they treat your water bottle like a breeding ground, leading to nasty odors that could have serious consequences to your health.

But now, thanks to UVBrite, there's finally an easy way to ensure your water bottle (and the water in it) stays clean, odor-free, and safe to drink from no matter where you are.

UVBrite is clearly a revolutionary innovation that gives anyone who enjoys outdoor activities peace of mind about the safety of the water they drink.

You no longer have to cross your fingers and hope that the water supply is clean. With UVBrite you are in complete control of your water safety! It basically empowers you to freely drink from any water source that can be purified.

If you want to guarantee you're always drinking pure water, you have to try UVBrite – it's the last water bottle you'll ever need to buy!

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