Make sure your fruits and veggies are as clean as possible
Are you still rinsing your fruits and vegetables with tap water? You're probably eating handfuls of mold and pesticides – try this instead
by Veronika Winterstein | August 11, 2022
Check this out – these are strawberries I got at the store recently. I got them from a big chain that you've probably heard of and probably even buy from. See that? That's mold and bacteria and these strawberries are covered in it!

Quick question: How do you clean your fruit and vegetables?

Let me guess: you rinse them under tap water for a few seconds, right? Maybe wash them a few times or even use ice water.

If so, you've probably never seen what store-bought fruits and vegetables look like under a microscope, even after you've rinsed them. And trust me, you don't want to.

There is always something unpleasant left behind, like pesticide residues. (Yes, even if you buy organic!) And even though you can't see it with your eyes, you eat it anyway.

I'd bet big bucks your fruit and veg will be exactly the same even after rinsing them in water multiple times. That's because rinsing with tap water just isn't enough.

So there's a big chance that the food you and your family eat is contaminated with dirty things you'd rather not think about ... and according to experts, you shouldn't ignore this.

"If you rinse your veggies with tap water or even use a specially formulated "fruit rinse," then this article will blow your mind! 😲" – Veronika Winterstein

Those pesticides, molds, and bacteria left on your food aren't just gross – they could ruin the taste and even make you sick

As much as we'd like to trust big manufacturers to keep our food clean, the fact is they don't have the strictest of standards. And the food they miss can have serious consequences – especially for children, pregnant women, and people who are sensitive to chemicals.

First of all, pesticide poisoning can cause symptoms such as nausea, abdominal cramps, diarrhea, dizziness, anxiety and confusion. If you've experienced such symptoms after a meal, pesticide residues may be to blame.

Second, these pesticide residues and molds can often be tasted and are not pleasant. Although pesticide residues can be present in small amounts, remember that they are powerful chemicals designed to poison and kill living organisms... You don't need much before they start spoiling the flavor of your food.

Tap water alone is not powerful enough to properly destroy the bacteria and pesticides in your vegetables and fruits.

But most importantly, we just don't know the effects all those small amounts of pesticides have on our bodies, especially our children. In fact, a recent study using a nationally representative sample showed that among 8- to 15-year-olds, the higher levels of urinary pesticide metabolites, the more likely they were to develop ADD/ADHD.

In addition, the Center for Ecogenics & Environmental Health found that infants, growing children, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers, and women of childbearing age are most at risk of adverse health effects from exposure to pesticides.

We like to think that everything is under control and our food is safe, but the truth is, there's only one way to be sure: clean it yourself. Luckily, lately that's gotten easier than ever.

Using something called electrolyzed water to ensure your product is clean and free of pesticides, mold and bacteria is undoubtedly the best method

There is a much better option these days than buying organic or using sprays. A new method cleans your food from bacteria, mold and pesticide residues without affecting the taste.

In fact, it actually makes your food taste better because it removes all that gross stuff without changing anything else.

The method is called electrolysis and thanks to recent advances in consumer technology, you can now use it at home.

Electrolysis is basically like charging your water so it's powerful enough to eliminate bacteria, mold, and pesticide residue without using chemicals, soaps, or anything unnatural. (I think it makes the water "sharp" enough to properly clean it.)

To clean your products with electrolyzed water, all you need is salt, water and a special device called AquaPure.

Electrolysis has been used in the food industry for decades due to its safety, but the technology was too expensive for home use ... until AquaPure developed a home version!

What is AquaPure and why is it so much better for cleaning fruits and vegetables?

AquaPure is a new device that uses electrolysis to remove up to 99% of pesticides, bacteria and mold from your fruit and vegetables.

Just pop it in a bowl of regular tap water with a little table salt to turn the water into electrolyzed water that safely and effectively removes all that gross stuff that tap water alone can't handle.

AquaPure's electrolyzed water solution works by attacking the harmful substances on your products, breaking down the molecules so they can be easily rinsed off with water.

Electrolyzed water has become more widely used in the food industry over the last 10 years and is widely cited in scientific journals as a safer and more user-friendly alternative to chemical cleaners – plus it's much cheaper and better for the environment.

AquaPure is a major breakthrough in home food safety – and it's quickly going viral, with thousands of people raving about how much better their food tastes and how much safer they feel using it.

How do you use AquaPure?

Not only does it clean your fruit and veg, AquaPure is super easy to use:

Step 1: Fill a bowl with regular tap water.

Step 2: Place the AquaPure device and your products in a bowl.

Step 3: Your AquaPure will flash blue as it electrolyzes your water and purifies your products. After a few minutes it stops flashing – done!

Step 4: Give your products a quick rinse and enjoy.

It's so easy to add to your routine: instead of spending that time scrubbing and rinsing over and over again, AquaPure lets you "set and forget" ... and it actually does a better job!

Conclusion: AquaPure gives you safety in the kitchen (and better-tasting products)

"I usually use apple cider vinegar and water to clean my veggies, but apple cider vinegar gets expensive and this eco-friendly product lasts for many years without leaving a vinegar smell or taste. I love watching it at work, it's so satisfying to see all the dirt it removes. Definitely a must have in my kitchen! 😉" – Abby Gomez

Electrolysis is a game changer when it comes to keeping food clean and making it taste better – no wonder it's been used in restaurants and commercial kitchens for years.

And now, thanks to AquaPure, this incredible technology is finally available for home use. AquaPure not only keeps your food clean and safe, it also improves the taste by getting rid of all those nasty, unwanted chemical residues.

Bottom line: AquaPure is a must-have in any household that buys fresh produce, and especially if you are a parent of young children, pregnant or sensitive to chemicals.

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